Friday, July 10, 2009


NightCrawler is from Central Europe. He has the ability to teleport but when he does he leaves behind a foul stench that resembles that of rotten eggs.

Also he is a worm.


Storm is a very powerful mutant. She is able to control the weather. The problem is sometimes she can't be intimate with anyone because she is cumulus every once in a while.


Cyclops is able to shoot a highenergy beam out of his eye. This power was with him always, but was not active until a man named Nobody poked his eye with a hot stick. He's often known as a leader of the x-men and his incredibly large size mixed with his old ability to herd sheep helps him in this regard. He is notoriously dickish (that one applies to both).


Wolverine has the power to heal abnormally fast. He also often feeds on carrion left by wolves. His skeleton is covered in Adamantium, the strongest metal known to man, and this is useful as he is sometimes attacked by other predators for territory and/or food. His foe his Sabretooth, but only when he goes back to the ice age.